N-ZYLNEX : 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging for the Metaverse Case Study by SMS-iT


GOALS: N-Zylnex a top online fashion retailer, wanted to enter the Metaverse, by selling their products in the Metaverse and increasing their subscribers and traffic to their online store and app, directly from the Metaverse.

They also wanted to integrate 2-Way omnichannel messaging in the Metaverse, to include SMS, MMS, RCS, Voice, Email, Fax, and Chat APP messages with their customers.

N-Zylnex top issue was integrating their existing technologies with the Metaverse, so that when users perform actions in their Metaverse space, i.e purchases, those actions would be seamlessly and instantly triggered live, in their online website and app at the IOS and Play Store.

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  • - N-Zylnex decided to subscribe to the Hybrid package of the SMS-iT decentralized version, where they had SMS-iT provide and host their decentralized gateway with SIM card number.
  • - N-Zylnex then created Groups within their AI Control Panel, with relevant keywords for automatically purchasing their products via SMS or MMS messaging, using their Free Local Number provided by SMS-iT via MetroPCS SIM card.
  • - N-Zylnex then configured Pop-up widgets and Smart QR codes from the Smart Tools section of their AI Control Panel to sell their products, which automatically triggers the checkout page of their products, when a user scans it.
  • - They also configured a Kiosk, and Mobile Subscriber Opt-in widget to collect new subscribers and build their marketing lists.
  • - After all configurations for selling their products and collecting subscribers to build their marketing lists were completed, Zylnex then created and designed a virtual space in Decentraland to feature their store and products in the Metaverse.
  • - N-Zylnex then used the SMS-iT API to extend the omnichannel messaging functionalities of SMS-iT to their Decentraland Store, which seamlessly brought intelligent omnichannel messaging into their Metaverse store.
  • - N-Zylnex then made their SIM Card Number available for 2-Way messaging for their customers in Decentraland, by using it as their metaverse customer service and support local number.
  • - Finally, N-Zylnex then integrated their Pop-up Sales Widgets, Keywords, QR Codes, Kiosk and Mobile Subscriber Opt-in widget designed and configured in their SMS-iT AI Control Panel, directly in their Decentraland Metaverse store, to sell their products in the Metaverse, and in their online website store and apps at the same time, using SMS, MMS, RCS, Email, Voice or Fax, as per the preference of their customer.


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Within the first week of launching their Decentraland Metaverse store, N-Zylnex increased their revenue by 310% to $180million, and after the first month, sales had increased by 2500% percent. Their share of customers also significantly increased by 12% after just 4 weeks.


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